Glancing back (A tribute to friendship in the XXI century)


Chapter 2: Bridges - It’s hard to realise how “local” (in its strongest of meanings) we are when we stand still. Roots are strong: they tie us firmly to the centre of things¬†and keep us from harm. All we need is around us, providing safety, but also blocking our view of what’s beyond. It’s hard to build up the … Continue reading Chapter 2: Bridges
Epilogue: About friendship, and about distance - It’s been a while since we moved abroad; or at least since we’ve been abroad on a stable basis. It won’t come as a surprise for anyone who has spent time in a different country to read that life changes radically once you take that step. No, I’m not talking about different languages, habits, culture, … Continue reading Epilogue: About friendship, and about distance
Chapter 1: Roots - (to Carlo, Mancho, Kim and Miky – my roots and my perimeter) Sure, stuff changes, and it changes a lot.. But there are things that apparently¬†don’t. Call those roots.. Call them the keystones in the architecture you’ve been building since the day you were born. Call them “no fun dull stuff” as well, if you … Continue reading Chapter 1: Roots
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