Glancing back (A tribute to friendship in the XXI century)


25 years of goodbyes, and I still don’t get it - The first thing I learned about goodbyes I learned as a child, and it’s that no matter how conscious and prepared you feel, you’re never truly ready “Missing” is the feeling we get from the projection onto the future of something that was and no longer is, or will soon no longer be. Goodbyes do... Continue Reading →
About friendship, and about distance - It’s been a while since we moved abroad; or at least since we’ve been abroad on a stable basis. It won’t come as a surprise for anyone who has spent time in a different country to read that life changes radically once you take that step. No, I’m not talking about different languages, habits, culture,... Continue Reading →
Roots - (to Carlo, Mancho, Kim and Miky – my roots and my perimeter) Sure, stuff changes, and it changes a lot.. But there are things that apparently¬†don’t. Call those roots.. Call them the keystones in the architecture you’ve been building since the day you were born. Call them “no fun dull stuff” as well, if you... Continue Reading →
Bridges - It’s hard to realise how “local” (in its strongest of meanings) we are when we stand still. Roots are strong: they tie us firmly to the centre of things¬†and keep us from harm. All we need is around us, providing safety, but also blocking our view of what’s beyond. It’s hard to build up the... Continue Reading →

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