Hi there, and welcome to Borderless Minds!

I’m Andy.
I’m a traveler and an observer. I was (almost) born on the road, I grew up in different hemispheres, and can’t point my finger on a single mother tongue (nor on a single home country).  I’m also an economist (of sorts). I work where the boundaries between economics, sociology and psychology get a bit fuzzy. That’s where things get interesting and fun. I study how people give structure and meaning to the world around them, and to their relationships with others and with the world. Read more about me here.

I created this blog as a space to share experiences, ideas and impressions about the world. It is not (only) a travel blog: true, crazy stuff happens mostly when away from home, but also while at your desk on a lazy workday. Don’t forget to add your thoughts to mine!


Andy F. M. Martinangeli